Two Great game stores in central FL

I have been gaming for some time and never in the 20 years of shopping for games have I ever seen a mega-store for game gear before. I have always thought of game shops as ma and pa places and until recently I have never been wrong, I’ll look up a store online and go to it, to find it a dusty little backwater of cool nerd stuff overseen by one guy and his kid or wife; always experts in game lore.

Moving to central Florida I was expecting the same but being totally wrong. I found a place called the Coliseum of Comics that was more like the Walmart of all that us gamers cherish, books, comics, toys, dice, art and game tables for battles royal. The place was as big as a CVS and I was greeted by a life size statue of the hulk at the front door. Today I found another place called Sci-Fi City this place was nearly as big and had a huge game collection along with weapons. Both stores had a area dedicated to D&D game gear, but also have huge quantities of other RPGs.

They were also stuffed with people playing games, both stores, at 11am, packed. looked like Magic and Warhammer stuff mainly. I was just amazed to see so many people out gaming in a store so early in the day.

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