Archives for August 2010

The Kings Crew

I decided to try the NPC Creator's Toolbox for my King dungeon I am making. It is a random table set found in the Game Mastery Guide for the Pathfinder Role Playing Game. Overall it is useful in … [Read more...]

The King’s Crib

I am still rolling forward on my to kill a king dungeon. To help me out, I purchased a GameMastery flip-mat. I have quite a collection of these now. I have: the City Market, the Keep, the Bandit … [Read more...]

The Villain’s Escape Kit

Last week was a good week for me I was able to shop for new books and I ended up buying Advanced Player's Guide & the Game Mastery Guide for Pathfinder. Both are great additions to the PFRPG game … [Read more...]

Fun stuff in the new PF Advanced Player’s Guide

I did get the Pathfinder Advanced Player's Guide last week and I am very impressed with the book. There is all kinds of interesting rules additions and new character classes; sometimes though, it's … [Read more...]

Fun Quick Convention Down Time Game

I am always looking for fun games that are quick to play; Munchkin, comes to mind right away, but the guys at Steve Jackson Games made an even quicker game called Zombie Dice. I bought the game last … [Read more...]

To kill a King, his view of the world

OK, so I set up last that the King of Northern Jelling must go. The choice of who will assassinate the king is left for the players; possibly a NPC with motive will do it hooking the party into … [Read more...]