To Kill a King

I play Pathfinder, and lately, I started thinking about my game world; in particular, the Nation of Jelling. I set up the island with a Queen in the south and a King in the north; both are siblings who separated after the death of their father, which in turn split the island. I was thinking of making a dungeon series for my next new group down here in FL where they would have an opportunity to kill the Northern King of Jelling.

So I have to come up with opportune moments for my group to meet the king. I figure the king would be in his keep either in his great hall, in his bed chambers, the chapel or at his mistress’s apartment just east of the keep. Another option I was thinking was to have him out hunting or in Zora Land which is neutral territory between northern and southern Jelling.

In the past I have mentioned that the two armies, the army of the King and the army of the Queen, meet in Zora land and have mock battles and tournaments in the fall after the harvest. This would be a classic pick off point for the King; maybe over rated, but viable plot hook.

Jelling has been at peace for some time and the past twenty or so winters have gone without any major incident between the two siblings. I did run a campaign where an army from Kirkland invaded Jelling but was defeated and this was recent news within the last two years in game time. Spies from Kirkland still wander the land. The King and the Queen still hate each other even though they are both good people, character class the King is a barbarian and the Queen is a paladin though both are aristocrats. The agents of the Dragon surma are neutral to who rules along the shore of the dragon’s lake. The Church of Jelling (CoJ) is favored by the Queen and it is well known that the northern King hates the leader of the CoJ; why he dislikes the bishop is unknown. Another hook is the dwarves of Jelling rent a dock and some buildings in North Point and the treaty that governs this agreement is about to expire and the King is rumored to want to raise the rent. Some say the dwarves have lost support since the Kirk invasion because they failed to offer assistance; their 4 greatest ships stayed tied to the pier as the rest of Jelling fought to save their Island. I think there are enough entities out their that want the King dead that I will not mention his seven illegitimate children, five mistresses and his sorceress wife…

The difficult part is to make it seem real and fit with the rules of the game system. It may be difficult to get a party to Kill a King I may have to turn it into a who done it with the party looking for the truth.

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