Fun Quick Convention Down Time Game

I am always looking for fun games that are quick to play; Munchkin, comes to mind right away, but the guys at Steve Jackson Games made an even quicker game called Zombie Dice. I bought the game last week and have been having fun playing it with the wife and kid.

My son loves it and we use it to get him to go to bed on time. The old “if you get ready for bed, we can play Zombie Dice before we read you a book” trick.

The game plays fast, and is easy to pack for travel to conventions. So if you already have your 4e and Pathfinder characters updated for play and you are set for the Midnight Call of Cthulu game and you still have free time left at your next convention, like say Dragon Con give this game a try. I think you’ll find it fun enough to keep you busy between game sessions. (You need at least two players or you’ll look silly.) Thanks Steve Jackson Games for making another fun game to play.

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