Fun stuff in the new PF Advanced Player’s Guide

I did get the Pathfinder Advanced Player’s Guide last week and I am very impressed with the book. There is all kinds of interesting rules additions and new character classes; sometimes though, it’s the little things that count in a new book.

In the equipment section they have Brass Knuckles and a Battle Aspergillum and a Boomerrang for cool weapons to add to my game. They have prices for animal cage and loaded dice; loaded dice I chuckled when I saw that.

They also had some cool new special substances perfect for my Yol NPC clerics; stuff like vials of anti plague and Alchemist’s Kindness; one cures the plague, or gets you a better save, the other appears to be a fantasy version of Alka Seltzer to help remove a drunken hangover. Too Cool.

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  1. greentiger says:

    What are the new classes? Loaded dice, hehe, I think a certain chaotic neutral player would get a kick out of those.

    Have you bought the GM’s guide?

  2. New classes:
    Alchemist –my favorite –play tested it this past spring; really fun to play.
    Cavalier –fun, third favorite
    Inquisitor — gnarly
    Summoner –zzz
    Witch –second favorite; I wish they called them Wicken or Crafters; I’ll probably make a home rule for that.

    I bought both. Advanced Player’s Guide and Game Mastery Guide. The guide is cool lots of random tables and pregen NPCs. I am starting to retool Alidor using some of the guidelines in the book.