The King’s Crib

I am still rolling forward on my to kill a king dungeon. To help me out, I purchased a GameMastery flip-mat. I have quite a collection of these now. I have: the City Market, the Keep, the Bandit Outpost, the Arena and two Basic Flip-Mats; these pretty much cover all the bases in my home game; if I need a dungeon map in a pinch I grab these. The King of Northern Jelling is not as wealthy as he should be, so his place is meager compared to his sister’s to the south, this makes the Keep map perfect for his crib.

I found the maps useful for my home games and I think the Keep map will work. Of course there will be a dungeon under the keep that I will draw out if needed.

An interesting point; just looking at the map, I wonder how well defended is the king from enemies in his own home. If my party decides to be the assassins what chance does this guy have? How do rulers in a world of pathfinder adventurers stay in charge and alive. Should I really be concerned?

Sorry King I put you in your throne room with 6 9th level PCs; all dead set putting you in the dead book.

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