The Kings Crew

I decided to try the NPC Creator’s Toolbox for my King dungeon I am making. It is a random table set found in the Game Mastery Guide for the Pathfinder Role Playing Game. Overall it is useful in filling out characteristics of NPCs so they all don’t just have red shirts and answer to the name ensign. I am a big fan of random tables, because they sometimes help inspire game story which is extremely helpful when you are winging it, which I do a lot.

The king is:

Background: A disgraced noble
Goals: Help a child get a good start in life. This was cool because I was thinking about the king’s children; he has one wife and nine mistresses, his wife bore him a female child; she is now age 22 and is named Mysa, Princess of Canton.

The mistresses of the king all have given birth to girls except for his third mistress, named Ellerine Bassat, who had a boy named Cadus Bossat; he is six as of this writing. The king thinks the world of this boy and sent him and his mother off to Glenfiddich to live free of the political conflicts of the island. Yup the king has one legal heir to his thrown and one he wishes could be heir; the only son out of 16 children. He actually has a portal to the city and an apartment there, this could be another way to get at the king via the two way portal in Glenfiddich.

More about the king
Physical: The king has different colored eyes; one green eye and one blue.
Personality: The king is a failed actor and blames everyone for it. Ar age ten the king was set on being a play actor though his temperament made him difficult to work with it was truly what he wanted to be when he grew up, and would have been, had his father not died.

The king’s Priest is:

Cestus of Bilunoc who now acts as the leader of the Northern Church of Jelling.

Background: He is a reformed criminal
Goals: Get into history books He has done this by creating his own religion and by befriending the king and ousting the church of Yol from their position of leadership in the Northern Church of Jelling.
Physical: he has a shaved head as do all Bilunoc priests.
Personality: He has a stock phrase and an accompanying gesture. “As Bilunoc wills it…”

The King’s old priest was:

The Yolian response to Cestus is:
Dougfred Vivofree the Yolian bishop representing Yol inthe north.

Background: Pious member of a notorious family his ancestors are said to have forced out the royal family of Jelling out of power in JY 896 and started the infamous Merchants Alliance which lasted a short four years before King Harold the Bold stepped forth, and by force, reclaimed the thrown. Vivofree Merchant Clan (VMC) is still strong in jelling, but no longer a symbol of power.
Goal: Erase past failures with a single dramatic act; this has been stymied by Cestus being placed at the head of the NCJ.
Physical: He has one of the those long curled mustaches.
Personality: Seems to lack moral compass when making plans; often proposes horrific solutions to minor problems –this is considered a good trait in Yolian leadership school; which is why he is Bishop.

The King’s Wizard is:

Salanda the Honest Chief Advisor to the King

Background: Former witch hunter
Goal: Prove noble heritage
Physical: Handsome
Personality: Is a very distant noble and treats lower orders with disdain.

Their you have it, a little more history on the guy the party may or may not interact with and decide to kill or save some day; the King of Northern Jelling.

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  1. The Wizard looks a lot like Siegfried… or Roy, not sure which is which, or which got mauled by the tiger.

  2. @brian I named Alice after the song A Town Called Alice.