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Awaking Magic from Mundane Gear

As people explore the World of Alidor, I let them buy magic items, if they can afford them, and if the player can role play out the purchase with the local shop keeper or fence. Towns have gold piece … [Read more...]

Word of the Week SCABBARD

The Word of the week is: SCABBARD: It is important to know that a scabbard is a sheath used to hold a sword or other large blade or gun. I know a now experienced GM, who on his very first game as … [Read more...]

Flat-con in Bloomington IL

We this year I will be missing flatcon on Bloomington Illinois; I think it is one of the best small cons in the midwest. If you are in the area next weekend try it out for both LFR and Pathdfinder. A … [Read more...]

Riddle from Duftown

What can you put in a barrel to make it lighter? Answer: A Hole In Duftown people would say a tap like in tapping a barrel of beer which happens a lot in Duftown … [Read more...]

Con in Tampa in November

This came through my old yahoo group. There is a small con in Tampa that will offer Pathfinder Society and LFR; if you are a gamer in the area of Tampa, Florida check out this con. They said they need … [Read more...]

Word of the Week: ABASH

There are some words that every Game Master should know. Each week I will the word of the week with you. The word of the week September 19th is: ABASH: shame, embarrass Proper use: One look … [Read more...]