Northpoint Revisited

I decided to change the game stats for the city of Northpoint in my home game world using the PF Game Mastery Guide as a reference. I had stats on the town from days of old, but since my players may end up there in my to Kill a King game, I thought I should update things; I actually like the way PF GMG attempt to organize a town. I updated the actual static page for Northpoint with info from my blog posts so I don’t have to search all over later. Here is what I did:

I started with my old stats and then reinterpreted using chapter 7 of the PF Game Mastery Guide. I can not remember what web town generator I used to make Northpoint in the past I do know I have at least three copies of notes dating back to 1999 for Northpoint.

Here are the original stats: (I re-tweaked them for 4e before a I realized how puky that system was)

Town Size: Small City
Population 10,646
Gold piece limit 15,000
Ready cash 7,984,500
Power Center(s)
Nonstandard – Lawful good
Magical – Lawful good
Community Authority
Highest-level warrior
Guards/Soldiers 106
Militia 532

To this:

CG Small City Capital city of monarchy Kingdom of Northern Jelling

Corruption +-1; Crime +0; Economy +3; Law +2; Lore +2; Society +0; Spells 9th


Holy site (Church of Yol, Church of Bilonoc, Church of Northern Jelling)
Rumormongering Citizens
Strategic Location (Secure harbor and Northern most defenses)
Tourist attraction (Capitol city and covered gladiatorial arena)

Danger: 5


Overlord: King of Northern Jelling
Council: Harbor masters
Magical: The Bitter Dusk Magic Guild

Population 10,646 (humans, half-elves, dwarves)

Notable NPC’s

King Artin Ivenent of Northern (CG Human Male barbarian 4/Aristocrat 16)
Cestus of Bilunoc (LN half-breed male cleric 17/monk2)
Salanda the Honest (LG Half-elf male Wizard 17)
Dougfred Vivofree (NE Human male cleric 10/rouge2)
Yattic Grimwald Mayer (N Human male aristocrat 3/expert 7)
Kromwold Dirthammer first mate of the Prince Calding (N Dwarf expert 4/fighter 5)


Base value 6,000
Purchase limit 37,500
Spell casting 9th
Minor items 4d4; Medium Items 3d4; Major Items 1d6 (75% 1/week)

Ready cash 7,984,500

Guards/Soldiers 106

Militia 532

Now I just have to update the town map…

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