Flat-con in Bloomington IL

We this year I will be missing flatcon on Bloomington Illinois; I think it is one of the best small cons in the midwest. If you are in the area next weekend try it out for both LFR and Pathdfinder. A friend sent a blurb about the con to my old email goup; this is what is happening there this year rpg wise:

FlatCon in Bloomington IL begins one week from today, and CIRCA has lots of
role-playing goodness available. In addition to 21 RPGA Living Forgotten Realms
events there are ten other RPGs judged by some of the best GMs in Illinois.
Gregory Hanigan and Richard Gilbert offer five slots of Pathfinder Society,
Shaun Burton judges three slots of Shadowrun Missions, and author/GM Ron Lundeen
previews the first two RPGs from his planned GenCon 2011 slate. Signup is now
open via Warhorn for all 31 events, but many seats are limited.

Whether you want to play an old favorite or try a new RPG, CIRCA @ FlatCon has
something to offer. Plus, FlatCon has board games, CCGs, miniatures, door
prizes, an auction, game dealers, and lots of cool con stuff. To top all that,
FlatCon profits go toward raising money for the American Cancer Society — so
your registration fee does more than just get you in the door.

The Warhorn site for CIRCA @ FlatCon is http://warhorn.net/circa-flatcon-2010/.
The web site for FlatCon is http://www.flatcon.com/.

I can’t go because I moved out of state but that should stop you unless you don’t live in the Midwest.

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