Building the Map of the City of Northpoint

I decided to start mapping out the city of Northpoint, a small city on the island of Jelling. Again, I found myself on Google maps looking along the Italian coast. I found a neat looking coastal village in satellite mode and grabbed it. I am building inside Photoshop, so I start with layers; I pulled off one image to be the surface map and coastline and then made another to be the sea cave. I have three sample images below: the comp of all three images, including the rough italian village and the two other layers are all overlaid together. The other two images are just start of the surface and the sea cave maps. I am going to add structures and a key later.

The surface:

The Sea Cave:

I’ll add boats and docks in the cave, but will hide the dwarven tunnels used to moved supplies south into the Islands dwarf holds.

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