Word of the Week: Desiccate

The word of the week is DESICCATE.

Desiccate is remove moisture and dry something out. You can desiccate meats (beef jerky), fruit and other foods to preserve them.
In the Dungeon you may encounter a desiccated body; a mummy.

If you search the web for mummies you will find there is much more to mummies than the Egyptian mummies. pinktenticle.com shows a variety of “Monster Mummies of Japan”.

Here is a mermaid mummy

Japanese Monks would mummify themselves in a quest for nirvana. For 1,000 days they would eat a low fat diet and exercise to rid the body of fat. For 1,000 days they would would drink teas with lacquer & arsenic create a germ free environment inside the body and preserve their meat. They then buried themselves in an underground chamber and would breathe through a bamboo pipe until they died. They would be dug up and if they were well preserved they would become “living mummies” and achieved Buddha status. I’d hate to meet this guy in the depths of a dungeon.

A “living Mummy”

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