An Inspiring Image for Dwarven Warships

I am still working on my Northpoint map and on the town’s history in preparation for play. I mentioned that the Black Diamond dwarves rent dock space in Northpoint’s sea cave for three iron clad warships, The Emerald Goddess, the Prince Calding and the Brazen Wolf. I had a couple players ask about the ships a while back, so I googled for images and found this one to show them; I came across it again today on my hard drive.

I really like the image I hope to draw something similar someday, but for now this is the image I will show my players. If people ask “but you said three?” I can just say the painting represents The Emerald Goddess, and the Prince Calding attacking the Kirk fleet near Ramkirk in Kings Bay Kirkland. The Brazen Wolf left the line to chase after a Kirk skiff supposedly carrying King Phin Draely III’s family to safety.

I like the artwork here and I think I will try to design some sort of elongated pyramid shaped warship with cannons, ballista and trebuchets, all precariously placed in almost every nook and cranny on the ship.

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