Word of the Week: CREPUSCULAR

Crepuscular is used to describe animals that are active at twilight. No I am not talking about Edward or Jacob!

Twilight is defined as dawn or dusk. For a bit of a science lesson; being crepuscular gives the animal an antipredator adaptation since many predators hunt at night and others are active at mid day. In the World of Alidor a Dragon’s vision is hindered at twilight therefore they are not the best hunters at this time.

Dark Sun art

A “real life” example is the Short Eared Owl that is crepuscular on the Galapagos Islands that have predatory birds, but they are diurnal on the islands without these buzzards.

This is an appropriate word for today, since most Trick-or-Treaters are Crepuscular and come out at dusk.

Some examples of other crepuscular animals include cats, dogs, ferrets, rats, mice, skunks, deer, spotted hyenas, moths, beetles and fireflies.

This picture shows the space shuttle launching at dawn. This is in honor of the space shuttle launch this week, November 3rd, 2010. It will be the last launch of the space shuttle Discovery, and may be one of the last space shuttle launches ever!

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