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Cave Bandits a level 1 dungeon

This is a quick dungeon I jotted together tonight. It revolves around to sets of monsters, kobolds and goblins, who found a cool hideout up in the hills near a remote settlement. It is a three room … [Read more...]

Word of the Week: SWAMP

Most of my words are from a list. I saw this word and thought "what good DM, or for that matter, conscious person doesn't know what swamp means?". Well, I looked up the meaning just to make sure it … [Read more...]

Hanging out by the tomb tree can be dangerous

Tomb trees in Alidor are usually innocuous things usually found in graveyards and sacred places keeping the dead in their place, an important duty in Jelling where the dead don't stay still for long. … [Read more...]

Word of the Week: ANODYNE

Anodyne is a medicine that relieves pain or anything that relieves pain or distress. In most games this would refer to a healing potion. I choose this word because I have had a cold/ sinus … [Read more...]

Updated another town in Jelling

Slowly, I update Alidor to fit better with the Pathfinder RPG game. Here is Brendon Mill a village in Jelling that has been the starting point for a couple home brew adventures. Now it is just a … [Read more...]

Going to my first New Years Con

Just signed up to attend New Year's Con 2011, the con will be a weekend of gaming over New Years here in Orlando, FL. I have seen notices for this con over the years but could never attend. I hope to … [Read more...]