Retouched an Old Tortoise City Image

I really have to complete my tortoise city sketches and town maps and get them Pathfinder ready. My website used to be 3e and 3.5e ready, but then 4e came out and I jumped on board a quick re-edited all my old stuff to be 4e compliant. After that big change I sat down and actually played the 4e game and found it lacking. Now that my sanity has returned and I have officially dumped 4e in favor of Pathfinder I see that it is really taking me forever to update stuff. Part of the problem is the material from Paizo Publishing is so good that I find myself reading it and thinking I should update my world then I read more and keep getting distracted so my website lingers is this limbo of being part 3e, part 4e and part PF. Moving cross country and squeezing 3,000sqft of house into 800 makes writing and drawing a challenge.

My other problem is, what if I put all that effort in to change my game setting to fit Pathfinder RPG and then I find PF to suck also? I guess the cool part so far is that PF does not suck and I feel at home with the game system, the rule books and Paizo Publishing’s method of marketing the game. I swear I feel like a kid again with this game. I keep seeing people call PF RPG old school and not real D&D but honestly it is fresh and it’s worth a look if you have not tried the game system yet. In fact if you are a gaming in Orlando looking to try Pathfinder you should contact me and I will run some PF dungeons for you.

Today I quickly edited an old tortoise city image above; it used to look like this

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