A Riddle for those seeking Pagdush Firethrower

I am so simple,
That I can only point
Yet I guide men
All over the world

What am I?

In Alidor magical maps exist that adventurers can use to find places in the world like ancient ruins and dragon lairs. Areas are found through rituals and by celestial events like when all the moons are full on the seventh month (Kalaron) of the year then the door to the vault of one eyed one will appear. This would lead the party eventually to the city of Bryce and to the cemetery and vault of the old Brunary family Kromdain who dabbled in dark magic and were said to have found the the secret to eternal life… Unfortunately they were cursed and the family faded. All that is left, is their old family burial vault and the family vault tree known as One Eye by the locals, because of the strange face like visage in its trunk of a one eyed man in grimacing in pain. The tree will move either via powerful magic or on any day that all three moons are full in the seventh month of the year.

Maps like these are more complicated than the simple compass which is the answer to the riddle above.

Answer to riddle: A compass.

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