Word of the Week: GRALLOCH

I just saw this word on the list and said to my self “self, what do you think gralloch means?” I said back “Probably a little lake.”
No, it is a little more shocking than that. A Gralloch is the entrails of a deer (noun), or the act of disembowing a deer killed in a hunt (verb). A little gory, but it is deer season and my brother-in-law did just kill a deer. I should ask if he did the gralloch himself.

Not sure if I’d ever use this word in gameplay. I have never travelled with a party who killed a deer. I did play with “Runs-Like-a-Deer” who was a druid, who did get disintergrated, but still no “runs-like-a-deer” entrails to be seen. I guess the closest I’d get to using it is to describe what Dragons would do to party members, or the result of a sacrifice.

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  1. I remember a friend had a bumper sticker on his 4×4 that said “if I want your opinion I’ll read your entrails.” He was a hunter so I bet he was good at gralloching deer. He used to play Rangers in my home game back when I was using AD&D rules.