Updated another town in Jelling

Slowly, I update Alidor to fit better with the Pathfinder RPG game. Here is Brendon Mill a village in Jelling that has been the starting point for a couple home brew adventures. Now it is just a little more detailed and better set to accept adventures in the future.

A city in the Nation of Jelling


Brendon Mill

LG Village; on trade crossroad and river; Nation of Jelling

Corruption -5; Crime -1; Economy +0; Law +0; Lore +1; Society +0; Spells 6th(W)/5th(D)


Holy site: (Druid Circle watched over by: Runs like a Deer Druid 5, and small Church of Jelling priest of Taandi Cleric 5)

Magical: (Redchrist Sandheart; Wizard 6)

Tourist Attraction: (Druid Circle, ruins south west of town and in town)

Danger: 0


Magical: The Bitter Dusk Magic Guild lead by Redchrist Sandheart

Population 403 (humans, half-elves and one halfling)


Redchrist Sandheart (NG half-breed Male wizard 6)

Rock Bordrand (LN Human male cleric 5 of Taandi)

Reeko lightfoot (N Halfling male Dealer 4)
Runs Like Deer (N Half-elf Male Druid 5)

Zelga Borlin (N Humane Female Bard 1) Owner of Jeffers Inn


Base value 700gp
Purchase limit 3,000gp
Spell casting 6th (W) 5th (D,C)

Minor items 2d4; Medium Items 2d4; (75% 1/week an item requested may show up)

Ready cash 4,029

Guards/Soldiers 5 (193 Queen’s special garrison roles through once a month)

Militia 27

I really like using the PF Game Mastery Guide for tweaking my home game. The halfling is a perfect example of integrating the new rules easily. PCs looking at the town stats will see halfling? One halfling? Curiosity will take over and a NPC will be needed and I will just pull the book and grab the Dealer stats if needed from the GMG page 301 and I have a guy ready to interact with the PCs.

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