Word of the Week: ANODYNE

Anodyne is a medicine that relieves pain or anything that relieves pain or distress.
In most games this would refer to a healing potion.
I choose this word because I have had a cold/ sinus infection for the past week. I use Advil Cold & Sinus with pseudophedrine (my healing potion). My main question is “who was the sadist that designed the packaging?”. I reach for the box when I am in pain. And each time I have hope that I will soon feel better, and each time I forgot how @%&* hard they are to open. First you have to try to rip them apart on the perforated line, which never rips on that line. The next trap is to to open the singly wrapped pills, but the double lined wrapper is impenetrable. I finally learned to keep a scissors handy and just cut the little buggers free.
It’s like a PC walking into a dungeon, seeing the object you are questing on the alter in front of you. You look around and see no possible obstacles, with hope in your heart, and a smile on your face you progress to the alter not noticing the Dark Mantle on the ceiling that jumps down on you and tries to suffocate you. Luckily I finally invested in a vorpal blade to slay this beast; a “Vorpal Fiskars blade”!

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  1. Can you vorpal a darkmantle? That is my question.

  2. greentiger says:

    lol! I understand your frustration. I use Theraflu Severe Cold and Sinus and have the same problem. They put a miniscule perforation on the corner of the envelope that is absolutely useless.

    Your analogy to the questing PC makes me wonder if a certain DM is moonlighting as a drug package designer. 🙂

  3. What? The old “drop the darkmantle on the distracted player trick” never did no one, no harm. 🙂

  4. @ GT: You just made me laugh so hard I almost coughed up a lung! (still sick)