Hanging out by the tomb tree can be dangerous

Tomb trees in Alidor are usually innocuous things usually found in graveyards and sacred places keeping the dead in their place, an important duty in Jelling where the dead don’t stay still for long. Yup you heard right dying in Jelling can be traumatic for those kin close to the diseased, especially among the poor and elderly since they sometimes don’t have the means for a proper burial, and, or the resources to start a good funeral pier. If you don’t lock the dead away, or burn them through, they come back and they come back with a vengeance, especially if they only get partially burned.

Tomb trees dropped out of fashion hundreds of years ago along with many of the old Brunary traditions; as the “dragon lovers” territory was conquered and the folks from Port Headland forced their will, one by one old traditions faded. Unbeknownst to the new landlords of these captured Brunary settlements, people built on or next to these trees that keep the dead still, not knowing their error until it was too late. Some foolhardy souls even cut these down, though not without effort, since the trees are quite difficult to fell, even with the sharpest saw or axe. Once a tree starts to die their grip on the tomb below breaks and any undead below, if they have any will left in them, will claw their way to the surface, and, well, what can I say? Things just get bad right quick for people in close proximity to such a tree.

If you see where I am going with this, this is my next dungeon and it is a simple one full of little adventures that lead up to discovering the vampire. The tree is next to an old inn that just has never been very popular, until recently, and that is only because of body found by the tree last week…

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