Cave Bandits a level 1 dungeon

This is a quick dungeon I jotted together tonight. It revolves around to sets of monsters, kobolds and goblins, who found a cool hideout up in the hills near a remote settlement. It is a three room intro game to get people interested in my home game. I like to have a dynamic game and give players hints along the way. For instance, I made a quick random table that either group of monsters is camped outside the mouth of a cave that be the source of a small stream. 1-2 on a die 6 the goblins are outside; maybe they were forced out by the kobolds; maybe they hunt this area and don’t know about the potential lair, or maybe they just want to camp outside, whatever the reason, they are outside. The party can potentially see them if they are stealthy. The cool thing is, if the party decides to wander off and return later, they may find the kobolds outside instead, or nobody at all. The cave is dark and the key says 10ft but you could make it 5 feet if you want. The pit trap says 10ft area in the rules but I put it in a five foot wide hall; the kobolds made it; the dirt pile in the big hall is from the kobolds. I figure the little beasties are plotting to cause trouble for the goblins that and the arrow trap are the only traps in the dungeon.

The hook for the dungeon is whatever you want, from lights off in the hills at night near town, to disappearing livestock. It is level on so let people armor up and adventure forth. Extra in game flare, the axe belongs to the Hathor clan in southern Jelling and a reward may be had by taking the axe back to its home clan and maybe more adventure there or maybe it is just a cool axe. The sword in the fiend’s room was once a merciful blade, but the magic in it sleeps if a spell caster spends a an hour chanting and holding it there is a chance to awaken the magic again. Not a big deal if the players don’t awaken the sword it can still be sold as booty as a master work weapon. I usually don’t decide on the type of sword until the actual discovery of the weapon by the PCs. Oh their is a silver dagger with the dwarf if the party climbs up the waterfall and finds the dwarf from the Hathor clan. That is also the back way into the dungeon leading to the goblins or the secret hallway by the fiend. As for fiend I was thinking lemure.

This is for Pathfinder/3.5 stuff, you could use it for 4e I just wouldn’t.

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