Word of the Week: SWAMP

Most of my words are from a list. I saw this word and thought “what good DM, or for that matter, conscious person doesn’t know what swamp means?”. Well, I looked up the meaning just to make sure it meant what I knew it to know. Well, the reason it made it to the word of the week is it has multiple meanings. And that I visited Gatorland this weekend didn’t hurt either.
Not only does “swamp” mean the obvious things, such as:
1) a tract of wet, spongy land, often having a growth of certain types of trees and other vegetation, but unfit for cultivation.
2) to flood or drench with water or the like.
3) to be overwhelmed with an excess of something.

but also means:
4) to render helpless
5) to remove trees and underbrush from (a specific area), esp. to make or cleave a trail (often fol. by out ).
6) to trim (felled trees) into logs, as at a logging camp or sawmill.
7) to sink or fill a boat with water

So as a DM you could make an entire game out of the word swamp; For example you could start your game as the party trudges through a swamp, they get swamped by multiple tasks that must be done in a limited amount of time, before they literally get swamped with a massive storm that sinks/swamps their boat, and then render them helpless. Of course, their only hope is to swamp out the area and create a trail to haul their logs that they just sawmped.

There could be a whole lot of swamping going on!
So “swamp” turned out to be a little cooler than I thought it could be.
And here are some pictures of swamps and gators that we saw on our visit to Gatorland. To read more visit my Gatorland blog.

Lurking under the bridge; made of swamped logs!

Gators & Croc in swamp

Close up of Croc

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