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Spent 40hrs Driving Last Weekend, Game on the Brain

Ok the wife talked me into a holiday road trip 20hrs up, and 20hours down, with two days layover timed for X-mas eve and Day; all to visit my father-in-law in the nursing home. What does a gamer do … [Read more...]

Word of the Week: EPIPHANY

Since last weeks word was Machinate (to scheme), I thought I'd follow up with epiphany. A famous epiphany was when Archemedes realized how to estimate the the volume of a given mass while he was in … [Read more...]

Word of the Week: MACHINATE

Machinate is to plan, contrive or devise a scheme or plot. All good games usually have an underlying plot that links to future adventures. Most games I have been in have a plot that our party is … [Read more...]

The Unfortunate Ransomers

Another quick intro dungeon for Pathfinders/3.5 peoples in particular. This one involves hobgoblins, 3-4 of them, who just took up shop near a town. They were supposed to deliver a ransom note to the … [Read more...]

Words of the Week: FLOTSAM & UGLY

Bonus: Two words this week! I was looking through my list of words and let out a laugh. My husband asked "What?". I told him I came accross the word "ugly". He said "Really?". I said "yes". … [Read more...]

Hero Lab Updated Cthulhu now activated

The wife let me get Call of Cthulhu for Hero Lab yesterday. Now I have a character ready to fall to the Big C, or at least go insane at my next convention, which on my calendar is on December 31st … [Read more...]