Hero Lab Updated Cthulhu now activated

The wife let me get Call of Cthulhu for Hero Lab yesterday. Now I have a character ready to fall to the Big C, or at least go insane at my next convention, which on my calendar is on December 31st here in Orlando. I also updated my Pathfinder Database which was kinda a bummer, but necessary, because a new update to Hero Lab “locked me out” of my beta test versions of the Advanced Players Guide which made me lose access to my alchemist/rogue character I have been gaming with. I like the setup and Hero Lab so I don’t mind giving them a couple more bucks to get my game back on.

Another cool thing was a link off their website to d20pro virtual desktop which means in a couple weeks I will hopefully be asking for players to try my game online and or host Pathfinder society games. I have to test the stuff out with my wife on our LAN first then I will see if I can get others to join if we find it to be a fun way to run dungeons.

I am going to try their 30 day trial over X-mas first with Gail, if it works and I will let you all know. I am all Mac in the house and they say (d20pro website) the virtual desktop will will work across platforms, hope that is true.

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