The Unfortunate Ransomers

Another quick intro dungeon for Pathfinders/3.5 peoples in particular. This one involves hobgoblins, 3-4 of them, who just took up shop near a town. They were supposed to deliver a ransom note to the town, but got distracted, or other ideas. That distraction or other idea will get sorted out if someone asks; I will probable roll out a random plot twist Table 2-2 or Macguffin Table 2-3 in the Pathfinder Game Mastery Guide just for fun.

The dungeon is for level 1 and 2 players, the pit trap is behind a door, which is tricky. The DC of 22 perception (P22) is there to detect the trap from outside the room; once the door is open, it is obviously an open pit, bashing down the wooden door would be bad (roll 1d8; on a 4, 5 and 6 the player must make reflex save, or fall into pit). For added drama, an arrow trap will shoot if someone falls into the pit potentially hitting the player behind the guy that dropped into the pit. The hobgoblins can pull a lever to fire the arrow (lever in room), before they start a volley of arrows at the players. If an arrow drops a player below zero near the edge of the pit, then there is a chance that character will fall into the pit also. To determine witch way a player falls, roll a d8 on a 4, 5 or 6 the player hit falls into pit taking 2d6 fall damage reflex DC 20 another player can catch the arrow trap victim before he/she falls into the pit.

The dungeon appears tough, but players don’t have to push forward, there are tracks outside and potentially a guard (see random table on map), so a group could figure out the lair inhabitants, and prepare, or watch, or run away from the place. The ransom note from the ogre could be on the outside guard that leads to the Hillhouse dungeon.

I would lead in players by having everyone at the table roll a perception check the highest roll will notice something; that person seeing a glint or flash of light, off up the hill, from where they are walking/camping. The glint is from sunlight hitting the steel shield of the hobgoblin guard.

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