Words of the Week: FLOTSAM & UGLY

Bonus: Two words this week!
I was looking through my list of words and let out a laugh. My husband asked “What?”. I told him I came accross the word “ugly”. He said “Really?”. I said “yes”. Being the helpful soul he is, he mentioned he came across a word that I could use this week; Flotsam. The sentence it was in is; “The Goblins are quite fond of sifting through junk and flotsam in an unending quest to find treasures in refuse of more civilized races.”

Flotsam means (from dictionary.com):
1. the part of the wreckage of a ship and its cargo found floating on the water.
2. material or refuse floating on water.
3. useless or unimportant items; odds and ends.
4. a vagrant, penniless population: the flotsam of the city slums in medieval Europe.

We gather the meaning of flotsam in this sentence is #3, but I got a laugh out of trying to make it mean that goblins only sift through debris floating on water, or for an even better laugh that they like to sift through vagrants for treasure.
My husband donated the picture for this week of a goblin, which leads us to the second word of the week… goblins are @&%!ing UGLY!!

Ugly goblin

The Pic is from the Pathfinder RPG Bestiary Paizo Publishing Goblin page 156.

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