Word of the Week: MACHINATE

Machinate is to plan, contrive or devise a scheme or plot. All good games usually have an underlying plot that links to future adventures. Most games I have been in have a plot that our party is entirely unaware of, there are clues, but it’s usually too late to do much about them except say “Oh, that’s why we ran into that guy, he was trying to warn us?!?.” Or “if I knew we needed those glasses of true seeing, I wouldn’t have sold them for a boat load of cash”. So our party now likes to hold on to anything it finds, and sometimes over questions the npc’s, until they get irritated and either fight us or leave us.

One example of a plot happening under our noses was when we found a skull and noticed a slot. Someone discovered you could activate it by putting a gold coin in it and it would answer one question. So, we held onto this “Mimur of Pagdoosh the Fire Thrower” for most of a campaign and had lots of fun with it entertaining ourselves. We did not know who Pagdoosh the FIre Thrower was, or that this “Mimur” was like a window for him to see all that we were doing, until it was too late.

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