Word of the Week: EPIPHANY

Since last weeks word was Machinate (to scheme), I thought I’d follow up with epiphany. A famous epiphany was when Archemedes realized how to estimate the the volume of a given mass while he was in the tub, and he shouted “Eureka!”.
Epiphany is the sudden realization of the essence of something larger or the meaning of something. Most parties have an epiphany as they realize the underlying reason for something that seems the main quest for the game, but then it is not. Often there is an underlying scheme that is not initially clear to the party. For example our party wandered upon a town that was plagued with Zombies. And night after night after night we would kill Zombies. Then finally, to the GM’s releif, we realized there was an cause for this Zombie infestation and it would not stop until we went to stop the Crazy Wizard. And Eureka! we found the wizard and put an end to the Zombies!! And there was much rejoicing by the townspeople and of course the GM.

Archemedes' Epiphany

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