Spent 40hrs Driving Last Weekend, Game on the Brain

Ok the wife talked me into a holiday road trip 20hrs up, and 20hours down, with two days layover timed for X-mas eve and Day; all to visit my father-in-law in the nursing home. What does a gamer do when he drives 40hours in six days? He thinks about games… And gets in a little trouble.

Right before I left, I saw an add, or email from Paizo.com about the new Bestiary 2 for the Pathfinder Roleplaying game. Something in the add drew me in; mythical creatures, I mean, what fantasy role-playing game person wouldn’t want to fight mythical beasts? When I got back from my trip, I wandered over to Paizo, and sure enough there in black & white “mischievous gremlins, shrieking banshees and unstoppable titans,… Even the infamous jabberwock” are all touted as being in the book, Oh yeah a reason for a vorpal sword. 40hours of driving and a lot of thinking; snicker-snack; I am adding the book to my wish list for this summer.

I even stopped by my old game store haunt in Urbana, IL, and asked about the book which you can pre-order as of this writing. Dave, the store owner, confirmed that it is due out this spring (I checked after my trip, it is expected approximately April 2011). I had been driving for about 18hours by time I spoke with Dave, so I wasn’t exactly lucent, but it was good to hear people were still gathering for Council of Thieves at the store (Armored Gopher). Other cool news was, it seems activity is up for Pathfinder at small cons like Winter War and at the new years con down here in Orlando.

The best part of my trip was the joke gift I got; a zombie outbreak survival kit:

It came with all kinds of neat official looking goodies:

My Brother-in-law got one too and well, what does a gamer who drove too long do with a kit like this at a nursing home? Get in trouble with the wife:

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