Archives for January 2011

Word of the Week; BESOT

Besot is 1) to stupefy or intoxicate with drink, 2) to make stupid or foolish, 3) to infatuate or obsess. This word totally describes my friends kobold thief character; "Ack". Ack was usually drunk, … [Read more...]

Word of the Week: BATTLEMENT

The last word of the week; crenelation, was defined as a battlement. I realized I did not know exactly what a battlement was and would like to share my findings. A battlement refers to defensive … [Read more...]

Wife sees tea timer, I see game timer

I came home today to find that my wife had purchased some hour glass timers for making tea, and for helping to speed up our six year old while he does home work. I looked at the timers, and right off … [Read more...]

Word of the Week: Crennelation

Crennelation is defined as 1) having battlements 2) indented, having notches. Castle walls often have a raised and lowered pattern on the top of their walls. This helps castle guards defend the … [Read more...]

Ogres of Nordoon and Mt. Revenge

I have been running some quickie dungeons which have actually taken longer to play out than I expected. The kobolds and goblins of the Cave Bandits game gave a good run for their money (free) against … [Read more...]

Word of the Week: Banal

Banal means lacking of originality, ordinary, commonplace... What? We are at the Inn, again?! … [Read more...]