Ogres of Nordoon and Mt. Revenge

I have been running some quickie dungeons which have actually taken longer to play out than I expected. The kobolds and goblins of the Cave Bandits game gave a good run for their money (free) against 4, 1st level pathfinder players, and now the group has traveled on and encountered the Unfortunate Ransomers which will eventually reveal the Ogres of Nordoon, and the Hill House Ogre; whom by the way has three of the Kings illegitimate daughters as hostages. I like to set my dungeons up in threes. I spent the summer spinning the idea of the King of Jelling being assassinated and this is how I am building up to a story of how the PC’s get involved. They are still like second level, but by the time they get to the To Kill a King dungeon they should be about 7-9th level which are always fun levels to play IMHO.

The Hill House is an old stone keep built into a hill on the lower slopes of Mt. Revenge, locals call that area the Crane Hills; it is located on the South Eastern edge of the District of Nordoon. Ten years of mild winters allowed the ice and snow to reced enough to open an old mountain pass from the eastern coast inland, giving the ogres access to the interior of Jelling and to the District of Nordoon and it’s people; and their pigs and cows, and chickens and horses, and pigs; the ogres do favor pigs. The Hill house is an old Dwarven trading outpost that closed after the dragon Surma attacked and decimated the dwarves of Mt. Revenge. If you look at my maps of jelling Mt. Revenge is in the middle of Huraram Mountains. GMs prerogative, I moved the mountain North.

That’s the cool thing about being the world builder, plus map makers in Alidor don’t have GPS technology; since most folks in Jelling never travel more than five to ten miles away from home in their life time, but nearly all have heard the story of the Dwarf King Stowbeck Stealsword; so any mountain of good size could potentially be Mt. Revenge to them. The true Mt. Revenge is now more North it will stick and say from this point since I have some dungeons written up to explore it if my party wants.

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