Word of the Week: BATTLEMENT

The last word of the week; crenelation, was defined as a battlement. I realized I did not know exactly what a battlement was and would like to share my findings. A battlement refers to defensive architecture on walls or castles that allows troops to walk along and defend the wall. The guards are able to push off ladders, drop stones and even drop boiling oil from their position. The cut out portions are crenels, the solid between the crenels are called merlons. There are often openings that are used to drop objects on attackers; these are known as machicolations. The supports between the holes (machicolations) are called corbels. I think that about covers all the future words of the weeks associated with battlements… at least for now.
So, next time you “storm the castle” you can amaze/annoy your friends with all the details of the battlements on the castle.

Anatomy of a Battlement

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