Word of the Week; BESOT

Besot is 1) to stupefy or intoxicate with drink, 2) to make stupid or foolish, 3) to infatuate or obsess. This word totally describes my friends kobold thief character; “Ack”. Ack was usually drunk, or obsessed with gems and did stupid and foolish things. One example is when our party came into a temple with a giant gold statue with ruby eyes. The room also had a bunch of bad guys that the party was forced to fight. While in battle I looked over for the kobold to find him on the top of the statue prying a ruby out of a eye socket. He turned got the ruby out, but triggered a curse and was turned to stone. After our battle was over I put a chain leash on Ack, and then turned him back into flesh. He immediately jumped up to grab the other ruby out of the other eye. Ack was besotted by the beauty and dream of having the second ruby that he was willing to risk being turned to stone a second time. Luckily one of us had their wits about them, and their hand on the leash around his neck, and reflexes fast enough to jerk him from the statue before he could become a garden gnome, again! And did I get any thanks? NO!! I was cursed for weeks for not letting him get the other ruby!

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  1. The guy who player the kobold got back to me (actually his wife Anne did). His character’s name was Gool Centipedestomper. Thanks Anne.