Archives for February 2011

Word of the Week: GARDYLOO

The word of the week is a cute, fun to say word that represents a less than cute or fun event. Gardyloo is what someone would yell before they throw waste water or empty chamber pots from the window … [Read more...]

Goofing Around with Diablo II

My birthday was this month and the wife let me get a new computer. The cool thing is that I use Apple computers now and play games using parallels if they only work on Windows. What's cool is that I … [Read more...]

Word of the Week: XYLOPHAGOUS

Xylophagous comes from Greek Xulon meaning "wood" and and Phagein "to eat". It pertains to animals that feed on wood. In a game a Druid or Ranger would be able to identify a variety of … [Read more...]

Making a game world one small step at a time

My home game is this website, it is far from perfect, but it is how I have been creating and communicating with my players for over ten years now. I know from experience that, it is totally fun to go … [Read more...]

Word of the Week: BUCOLIC

Bucolic is of or pertaining to shepherds or suggesting an idyllic rural life. In my adventures we often wander through the rural areas, but usually find the farmers do not have the idyllic rural … [Read more...]

Riddle: for days when time is short.

This is an interesting riddle, mainly because I have been thinking a lot about intellect devourers lately. I am planing a fun plot twist for my Hill House dungeon and the ogres there. What if one of … [Read more...]