Riddle: for days when time is short.

This is an interesting riddle, mainly because I have been thinking a lot about intellect devourers lately. I am planing a fun plot twist for my Hill House dungeon and the ogres there. What if one of the ogres had and intellect devourer in them? Or, better yet, how about one of the hostages; kinda like Star Trek II The Wrath of Kahn. The game is slowly coming together and I thought I would add a fun twist into the dungeon. The trick is to add the twist when the party is ready and not too soon. I would never be the kind of GM who would make their players fight a hag at first level. If the party took a liking to the infected prisoner, and say, every time they go back to town, they see the NPC doing odd things from time to time; then I could drag out the infection until the party is ready to fight the beast (CR8 now in path finder). If the party is higher level by the time they reach the ogre king the intellect devourer could be part of the final combat. I mean really, why would an ogre write a ransom note?

Anyway here is the riddle:

Two bodies have I,
though both joined in one.
The more still I stand,
the quicker I run.

What am I?

Answer: An hourglass

Time is short these days I have a bunch of projects; both gaming and real world; all coming together at once. I hope to have a full table of players soon and will be going to MegaCon this year to try to draft up some interest in my home game and Pathfinder Society.

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