Word of the Week: XYLOPHAGOUS

Xylophagous comes from Greek Xulon meaning “wood” and and Phagein “to eat”. It pertains to animals that feed on wood.
In a game a Druid or Ranger would be able to identify a variety of Xylophagous animals.
Most xylophagous creatures are creepy crawlys like termites and bark beetles and can pertain to mollusks, crustaceans or fungi. But it can also refer to the cute Giant Panda. Now, most creatures we encounter in dungeons are not as cute and timid as a Giant Panda, but more like a Giant Termite or Giant Larvae, that doesn’t want to eat wood anymore. It would rather eat meat!! …and we’re the meat!!
It would be interesting if someone was to create a ‘DIre Panda”. I can hear warriors now crying “Oh, no!! Not a Dire Giant Panda!!”

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