Goofing Around with Diablo II

My birthday was this month and the wife let me get a new computer. The cool thing is that I use Apple computers now and play games using parallels if they only work on Windows. What’s cool is that I just rolled over all my old software to my new 27″ iMac 2.93GHz i7 with 12GB of RAM in just a couple hours using Time Machine, and I was up and going without any glitches (my Bryce software and Zbrush software needed to be reinstalled). After the update and software transfer was checked, I waited a week then, I removed all the old software off of my old MacBook Pro (15″ 2.5GHz 4GB RAM). While reviewing and deleting I saw I had Diablo II on my laptop. I decided to keep that and get new licensed copy from Best Buy, because Diablo II is a fun LAN game even all these years later (bought our first copy in 2000). We have five computers in the house now two Desktops (27″ iMacs), Two mac Minis (1.5GHz G4s) and the MacBook Pro. One of the minis is a server, all the others are open for guests, and the wife, and the kid, to use on those rainy day visits by friends and relatives. I am just amazed as to how long lived the game is (11years in this house) at least on the LAN level, I never really liked the version. Anyway, I am goofing around with Diablo this weekend instead of gaming, sometimes a gaming break is a good thing, especially when it is to play another game…

Why all the copies of Diablo II? Well for LAN play you can’t have the same setup on every computer in the house, and at 29 bucks for Dialbo and LOD, you can’t go wrong. The other fun thing I do is, I make a disk image of the play disk, in my case here it is the LOD disk, and keep that in a shared folder on the Macs. When I am ready to play I just mount the image and then Diablo II (carbon) link on the desktop and all is good. Some of our computers complain at mount up the the image may damage the computer, but we have had no issues so we ignore the message. Comand M lets me switch between the game (full screen) and work stuff (windowed mode) quickly. Enough writing, I am going to go play some more.

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