Word of the Week: HIRSUTE

Hirsute means covered in hair. Hirsutism is excessive hairyness on humans. Since I am a scientist, I also have to mention that indumentum is a form of hirsutism in plants; little hairlike projections covering plants.
My favorite character race to play recently is the dwarf. Being female in the real world, my character was by default female, of course the rest of the table had to discuss wether or not I had a beard, because we all know Dwarves are hirsute. The debate led to a joke asking “how can you tell a male dwarf from a female dwarf?”. The punch line was “The beard is longer!”. Someone asked “longer on a female or male?”. This, of course, led to more laughter, and the response… “only the dwarves know and they’re not telling!”

Luckily my character didn’t mind being hairy. She even wore a bikini-like outfit once, but no-one could really tell…

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  1. I didn’t even know there were female dwarfs… I remember some player saying.