Inner Sea World Guide for Pathfinder RPG

The Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea World Guide will be coming out soon according to an email from Paizo. I going to add it to my wish list since I have played a few Pathfinder Campaign Society games and The Council of Thieves Adventure path (most of it) and I keep hearing folks “in the know” talk about Golarion at the table, because they had the Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting resource book, which was sold out.

From the email, the book sounds cool, and if it is anything like other products Paizo published for Pathfinder, it will be a solid support piece for the game system. I’ll buy the book for the map, but I will also want to see how they put towns, nations and people together from the game.

In my home game, I am trying to put all the people, nations, artifacts and tortoises together for my players to view during down time, and they have all told me they like it. I think the one thing that was missing from the Pathfinder gaming for me, was that I had no “World Guide” to look at; you know, something I could hold and read at my leisure. Because I didn’t know much of the backstory, I haven’t really been feeling the game. I am hoping this book will provide some insight into the PFS play and the table talk as I travel to cons over the years.

Speaking of cons, I should have the PDF, for my iPad, just in time for MegaCon 2011 in Orlando, FL.

And thank you Paizo for another great product (no financial interest).

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