Word of the Week: BASHI-BAZOUK

Bashi-bazouk makes me think of what a raging barbarian might say in battle. “Let’s go bash in some heads and go biserk. Bashi-Bazouk!!” Bashi-bazouk literally means “Damaged head” ; or leaderless, and refered to a mercenaries of the Ottoman army. The Bashi-Bazouk were part of the army but were not paid by the government and keeping with their lawless nature would plunder for their reward.
This word reminds me of my Orc Barbarian, Berta. She loved to fight and would join armies just to fight, whether she argeed with the reason or not. She would definitely loot dungeons and bodies left after a battle to get better weapons, but usually just being in combat was reward enough for her.

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