Word of the Week: ROOKERY

Rookery is defined as 1) a breeding place of gregarious birds or animals, such as penguins or seals, 2) a colony of rooks, aka crows, or 3) a crowded tenement house.
In most games I play this word would describe our hotel/motel room. When we stay in town we are usually to cheap to pay for separate rooms and we all bunk in a single room. This can be 7 or 8 people and maybe a “pet” or two if there are familiars and henchmen in the party. The next day we usually complain about the unusual sleeping habits and noises that members of our party exhibit during the night. Needless to say we usually don’t get much sleep.

Rookery could also describe our dining room on game night; we have 7 people around a table all talking about something, sometimes even the game!

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