Word of the Week: MENDICANT

Mendicant can be an adjective to describe the act of begging or a noun than means… you guessed it, “a beggar”. It can describe religious followers who rely on charitable donations for survival.

This word definetely reminds me of the Monty Python skit in which an ex-leper is trying to beg for money, and having a hard time now that he is cured. Here is the link to “Alms for an Ex-Leper“.

In our games we are usually mendicant to the GM. We never ask to re-roll the dice for the event, but sometimes if we come up a very clever idea he may let us roll for that event. For example, After a battle our party searched a room; but everyone rolled really badly and came up empty handed. Then one PC said he wanted to perform a cavity search on the corpses. The DM allowed it and the PC revealed a 200gp gem for his effort; both PC and GM rolled 20’s. You may say “Eeewww!”, but many members present on this adventure have been found doing cavity searches hoping to get something for their efforts!

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