We finally have a good home for gaming!

Been extremely busy around here, hopefully all the chaos is over. After nine months of searching, three short sale attempts, firing four realtors, we can finally say we have a house worthy enough to game in. What do I mean by worthy enough to game in? While we were house hunting here in Orlando, Florida, we had some basic criteria for our home, outside the normal, make the wife happy, make the kid happy, be close to work and closer to game stores.

Basic house hunting guidelines for a RPG house:

  • Ample street parking in a quite neighborhood… Check. Eight players; eight cars. The neighbors will love us.
  • Not in a gated community… Check. Back in Illinois, we only gated in the dead (cemeteries), and the old people (retirement communities).
  • A home with some basic separation from the living space and the gaming space… Check. So when Grampa visits, his super loud TV viewing doesn’t wash out our ever so important table talk. “Yeah gramps. It’s nice that Dancing with the Stars is on, but we are fighting ogres here!”
  • A room big enough for our game table that seats 8… Check. The reason we needed all the parking space.
  • Easy access to water and refreshments in the kitchen… Check. Dude! Water and ice from the front of the fridge, it doesn’t get better than that!
  • Half bathroom close to the game area, but also far enough away that sounds and oder don’t interfere with play… Check. You know what I am talking about, I don’t need to hear how disagreeable Taco Tuesday was while we are fighting ogres in a life or death encounter. Dancing with the Stars and Taco Tuesday, not in my game room!
  • We wanted all that, plus a cool place for the kid to grow up, and I think we did it. Just have to do a couple busy weekends of painting and remodeling, then I think, I will be able to start up my weekly home games again.

    I did run a couple short games when we first arrived in Florida for family and friends, but our apartment was tiny, and packed full of boxes, with half my good gaming gear squirreled away in, who knows where. That, and we were on the third floor. That was another move goof, we did not realize elevator technology is still relatively a new thing for Florida apartment complexes. Note to self: Don’t rent apartments from the internet without seeing them in person, ever again.

    So what am I saying? We moved into a home perfect for us and gaming. We are done house hunting on weekends. Now we can get back to what weekends where made for…. Gaming! Oh, and now I can buy gaming stuff again; the wife kept reminding me we were saving for a house, every time I started a sentence with can I buy…?

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