Word of the Week: ABODE

Abode is a building or place where one lives. This word was chosen this week since we just moved in to our new abode, house, crib or whatever you want to call it. I like to call it HOME!!
In game travels we have come across many types of homes from mud huts, and sewers to mansions or castles. My house is somewhere in the middle, but I think it has everything a house needs.

I googled “what every house needs”, and according the Barefoot Contessa; my kitchen has most of the items from a good set of knives to meat thermometer, but it is lacking black oven mits (I use dish towels), food processor. As for the “Security Essentials” I do have the flashlight, first aid kit, one or two people who know CPR (I also know PCR- science technique), bottled water, canned food, candles. But I am lacking the fire extinguisher and rope ladder.
Just like in every good adventure, you should always have a good rope, or rope ladder, because you never know when you’ll need one. I may need to go pick one up this weekend.

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