Word of the Week: NOMAD

Nomads are people who move from one place to another. There are traditionally 3 types of nomads. The oldest method, hunters and gatherers, move with the seasons to areas where plants and animals are available for them to live from. Pastoral Nomads raise herds and move them in patterns not to deplete the grasslands. Peripatetic nomads offer a craft or trade as they travel.
In the past 20 years I have moved 14 times! Each move gets harder because I get more and more stuff. My nomadic type would be comparable to the Peripatetic nomads. My travels have been primarily following work opportunities, but the last move was to find the perfect place for my family. I needed lots of sunshine, and my Hubby wanted fishing. We may actually transition into the Hunters and Gathers class, as we are close to many lakes and to many ocean beaches, and the growing season is very long. But I hope to end being a nomad! I don’t think I can take moving again!!
If I feel the urge to move again will just call up some friends and start a RPG adventure. Then I can have all the stories of great travels without the actual physical labor behind moving from place to place.

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