Another slow day in Alidor

Just another slow day here in Alidor. I have not added much to the website for a while, but today the wife gave the nod for me to get the new Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 2. I have been wanting the book since I heard it was coming out. I was going to buy it at one of the local game stores, but the wife said no. So I bought it today on Amazon, I didn’t save any money though, because I bought other cool stuff too.

I played Pathfinder with a GM last year that used Game Mastery Critical Hit & Fumble Decks, I thought they added more fun to game play so I added those to the order along with Game Mastery Condition Cards. Oh, in fact, that very GM just started blogging about game stuff, here is a link to his blog I had a blast in his game, having to pick a card after a fumble or a crit, really did make the rolls feel more important totally adding to the fun of playing the game (Council of Thieves Adventure Path) in general. I moved to Florida before completing the CoT.

Anyway, just another slow day here in Alidor; no gaming going on, because we are still unpacking, but I have been thinking up some cool dungeons to torture the players with soon; especially now that the Jabberwocky is coming.

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