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Word of the Week: FULIGINOUS

For a word with so many syllables this has a very simple meaning; sooty or smoky. Or it could mean the color of soot. In the real world this could be used to describe the air during a forest fire, … [Read more...]

Word Of the Week: BODACITY

This weeks word comes from our family watching Kung Fu Panda 1 & 2 this weekend. One of my favorite quotes is: "It mattered not how many foes he faced! They were no match for his BODACITY! Never … [Read more...]

Word Of the Week: DIABLO

Well, it's been a few weeks without the WOW (Word Of the Week) and now that summer is here I can fit it back into my routine. Speaking of summer; this one is quite hot where ever you live. It has … [Read more...]

Florida is full of cons

Wow, I can not keep up. There are gaming conventions this month in Tampa, FL and next month in Jacksonville, FL. What I know so far is that it is too late to pre-register for the con in Tampa called … [Read more...]