Florida is full of cons

Wow, I can not keep up. There are gaming conventions this month in Tampa, FL and next month in Jacksonville, FL. What I know so far is that it is too late to pre-register for the con in Tampa called Metrocon 2011 for June 17-19 at the Tampa Convention Center, Tampa, FL. they plan to have both LFR and Pathfinder. In fact, they need judges.

This is what I here they are offering:

LFR offers the prequel adventure PREQ3-1 Shrouded Visions, some new events for May and everything through level 17 play!

Pathfinder sports new adventure modules and a triple play Pathfinder adventure, The Godsmouth Heresy. This is 12 hours of play all in one day for 1st level characters only, who leave the adventure level 2.

More info on the con can be found on their website: Metrocon

Metrocon 2011 on Warhorn: http://warhorn.net/metrocon-2011/

In July, there is a convention called Ancient City Con 5 being held on July 9-10, 2011 at the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront Hotel in downtown Jacksonville, FL. there website is here: http://www.ancientcitycon.com/
The note I got for this con says:
Florida Gaming Org and Ancient City have come to an agreement to run RPG games including LFR, Pathfinder and LSJ at Ancient City CON this summer. From what I understand, LSJ is Legends of the Shining Jewel which appears to be a local “Florida” RPGA style organized game play game using Pathfinder rules. If you like Pathfinder RPG or the old 3.5 Dungeons and Dragons, I think you will enjoy LSJ game play also.

I pulled a blurb from their main website: http://www.theshiningjewel.com/lsj/

Legends of the Shining Jewel is an independent D20 campaign
(Pathfinder RPG Compatible). Players create new characters and can advance them by playing in official LSJ tournaments offered at conventions around the country and the world.

The cool thing about the local gaming conventions is that I am starting to meet local gamers. If you are in Florida and find it just to hot and sticky outside, try these gaming conventions out this summer.

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