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Word of the Week: DEGLUTITION

Deglutition is the act of swallowing. It is from the french 'glut' and we all know glutton is to eat or drink excessively. So, why has Deglutition made it to "Word of the Week" and why would it be a … [Read more...]

Small Cons Coming Up in Illinois, Missouri and Florida

I know a lot of folks are going to Gen Con, this August 4-7th, but I am not. I prefer small cons. I have a list of small ones coming up in Illinois, Missouri and FLorida. We may try to hit the small … [Read more...]

Word of the Week: FUSTIGATE

Fustigate means to beat with a club, and can also refer to harsh criticism. In a game, a party may come across a giant or an Ogre, and giants and ogres ALWAYS seem to have a club ready. Even if you … [Read more...]

Word of the Week: GENTRY

Gentry means someone of high social standing; an aristocrat OR the state or condition of being a gentleman. In my adventures as a PC I do not come across gentry often as they usually would not … [Read more...]

New Badguy to Test My Players With – The Jabberwock

In my home game in the World Alidor, I always had a special rule that dragon blooded folks, and dragons do not fare well living, or walking on the gigantic tortoise cities that wander various realms … [Read more...]

Word Of the Week: HABOOB

Haboob means 'Wall of Dust' in Arabic. It describes intense duststorms or sandsotrms in the deserts of North Africa, Arabia, and India. This weeks word is from a friend's post on Facebook who is … [Read more...]